Saturday, April 14, 2012

Candles by Victoria Review

Instead of talking about another haul, I thought it would be fun to talk about what I have been burning. 

Fruit Loops:  Yes, I am a bit tardy, I am just now trying this scent!  I got a Love, Victoria in copper glitter and orange wax scented in Fruit Loops.  I have been burning this scent in my living room for a couple weeks now.  I have had a full melt pool, but there is still wax on the sides of the jar, no biggie, just wanted to point that out in case someone was wondering.  The scent is fabulous!  I get a lot of lemon and lime with the hint of the cereal note.  It is super strong and scents our whole living area.  I do really like the scent, and it is super strong, just not sure if I would re-order.  I would, however, like to compare it to Trix.  For some reason with Fruit Loops I get a hint of a cleaner lemon smell that I am not a huge fan of.  Beautiful candle, strong scent, maybe just not for me.

Pink Bubblegum Crush:  I really wanted to like this one, I love sweet, sugary scents.  This one is just not for me.  I got it in a 16oz jar and burned it in our bedroom for a couple days, not more than a few hours total.  There is just something about it that does not agree with my nose.  Honestly, I cannot even describe what it smells like, except sweet.  I don't get bubble gum from this one at all, which is what I was hoping for.  No worries though, I will be passing it on to another CBV addict to see if it suits her nose!

Berry Blackberry Cobbler:  This scent is amazing!!  Now I know why Beth likes it so much!!!  This is top 5-10 for me for sure!  I had it in a 16oz jar and burned the whole thing!  Yep, you heard me, the whole thing!!  It is really that good.  If you like CBV's cobbler scents, this one is no exception, pure excellence!!  A great balance of the cobbler scent and yummy ripe blackberries.  Now I want to try the Love, Victoria blackberry bake shop candle!!  I am loving the blackberry scent and thinking of what I can mix it with.  Maybe a lemon for Blackberry Lemonade???  Hmmm.....

Chocolate Raspberry:  I have this in a 16oz as well, and have been burning it in the kitchen area.  To me this one is just ok.  I definitely prefer the Chocolate Strawberry over this one, which is odd because I much prefer raspberry scents to strawberry scents.  I feel like I don't get the chocolate in the raspberry combo, but in the strawberry one, the chocolate really shines for me.  Earlier today I was burning it and the wick is really off-centered so it is not burning that great.  I decided that I would scoop some wax out and put it in the melter.  In the melter this scent is much stronger and I like it a lot better than I did in candle form.  It amazes me how things can be so different in candle form compared to melting a scent.

Pumpkin Cheesecake:  This was a free SS and boy was I excited!  I am honestly not much of a melter, but when I get a good free one, I always throw it in to melt.  This one is a great creamy pumpkin scent that I am going to get in a candle for Fall.  The throw on this sucker is huge and you do get the pumpkin and a creamy note which would be the cheesecake.  I am a huge pumpkin fan, and this is the first of CBV's that I have tried.  Now, I can't wait to get more pumpkin scents, and cheesecake scents too!!

CAS Lime Crystal Kisses and Frosted Lime Cupcakes:  This was my own hair brained idea, named it Lime Extreme and that is pretty accurate.  I think that the limes together downs out the cupcake scent, duh, I should have guessed that would happen!!  It is not bad, but not a combo I am raving about.  I am burning this one in our bedroom and it is a nice strong lime scent, great for Spring.

CAS Carrot Cake Orange Delight and Cream Cheese Frosting:  This sounds good, right???  Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting go together like peanut butter and jelly, right??  Not so much for my CAS.  I got a horrible scent from this one, can't really describe it, almost like a really strong clove.  It sounded good on paper and in my head!!  Well, you win some and you loose some with the CAS, and I definitely lost this one! LOL

I think that about sums it up!  I will do another blog with my haul from March which is mainly specialty candles!  Thanks for reading!

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