Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Candles by Victoria Super Bowl Haul Review

During the Super Bowl, Candles by Victoria had a sale where the total points of both teams were combined and that would equal the percentage off during the half time show.  I promised myself that it had to get to 20% off before I made an order.  Well, 19% is close enough, right??!!  So, I caved, big shocker, huh?  Anyway, we have glitter in the house!!!!!  I got 3 Love, Victoria glitter candles in an assortment of colors.  I had already chose colors when I ordered and then she came out with new colors.  I told her to surprise me, so she did...with new colors!!!  First, I got what I think is copper?  I guess it could be an orange of some sort too, in the scent Fruit Loops.  This is my first fruit loops candle ever!!!  I know, I know, why did I wait so long??  It is a really amazing scent that is a perfect dupe for the cereal.  I will definitely repurchase this scent!  The glitter?  Not my favorite of the bunch, but would be a great color for the fall or if you have those types of colors in your home.  Definitely will not stop me from burning it though!  The next one I got, I believe, is gem blue in Banana Coconut Cream Pie.
 This one smells AMAZING!!!  This is a new favorite for me, and the gem blue glitter is so beautiful, the pictures really do not do it justice.  This one is a perfect blend of banana, coconut, and a hint of the creamy pie scent that goes with it.  I really like and want to try the regular Coconut Cream Pie scent now!  I highly recommend if you like Victoria's banana scents, get this one!!  I will for sure be repurchasing the scent as well as the glitter color!  The last one is in the scent Monster Mash, which is a re-order for me and I am pretty sure it is the Platinum glitter.  I already loved the scent and the glitter
is just an added bonus in my book!  This color is really pretty and will go with most decor, I really like this one.  I also got a 6 pack of the 16oz candles as well.  I am pretty sure that I am unable to order unless I order a 6 pack of 16oz candles.  These are my favorite, so far!  In the 6 pack I got the following:  Pomegranate Apple, Key Lime Pie, Brown Sugar Shortbread, Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle, Mango Macadamia Nut, and Chocolate Banana.  The only re-order is the Pomegranate Apple.  I had gotten this as a free scent shot and fell in love with it.  I really enjoy this scent and I am not a fan of pomegranate at all!! 
Key Lime Pie is a really great scent.  It has the same pie note as Lemon Meringue Pie, which I also enjoy.  I am loving lime scents these days and this one is no different.  Will definitely get this one again.  Brown Sugar Shortbread is better than I ever expected it to be!  I know that Chrissy loves this one, now I know why!!  I, don't hate me, think that I might like this better than the famous Granny's Pie Crust.  It is one great smelling candle!!  Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle is another scent in the same category as the brown sugar shortbread.  I really love her banana scents, as does my husband.  Pretty much banana yumminess, can't go wrong in my opinion!  I get the banana as well as the brown sugar and it is a sweet candle.  If you like sweet bakery banana, I would suggest getting this one!  Mango Macadamia Nut is good, but my least favorite of the order.  I have not burned it yet and I think that I will let it cure for a bit to see if the mix gets more appealing to my nose.  I do get the mango and the mac nut, just don't love it like I was expecting to.  Chocolate Banana is really yummy.  I know that Pam likes this one, and I see why.  I love Vic's banana as well as her chocolate scents so this one is a winner in my book.  I get a equal mix of the banana and the chocolate, the banana may be a tad stronger.  I have not burned any of these candles yet and this is just cold sniff after curing for a week or so.  I hope that this has been helpful and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!  Thanks for reading!

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